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EHfC | 10 Dec 2010 | "Moral, identity and citizenship" debated at the European House for Culture

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“Morals, identity and citizenship” debated at European House for Culture


On the 10th December 2010 at 20:15, the European House for Culture invites for a debate on ‘Morals, identity and citizenship’. The debate is the first in a series of “Conversations about day-to-say Europe” organized by the European House for Culture. An impressive panel composed of writer Paul Scheffer (Amsterdam University), philosopher and economist Philippe Van Parijs (UCL) and Luuk Van Middelaar, philosopher and author – Member of the Cabinet of the President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, will kick off the series.


The evening will be dedicated to the topic “Morals, identity and citizenship” and invites for an active input on the various dimensions of what active citizenship means in the shaping of our societies in Europe.


In a time when the role of citizens is explicitly given a legal framework in the Lisbon Treaty, cultural institutions, as well as policy makers all over Europe need to look into the implications and practical as well as legal implementation of this provision for the work of the cultural sector. “If citizenship is to be taken seriously, one needs to form an opinion on the circumstances and processes under which citizenship is established. These are by definition cultural processes,” as Steve Austen, Permanent Fellow of Felix Meritis Foundation, co-founder of A Soul for Europe and the European House for Culture, underlines.

The evening is a joint initiative of the European House for Culture, Felix Meritis Foundation (Amsterdam), Festival of Philosophy and Flagey; with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Belgium and Brussels Capital Region - College of the Flemish Community Commissionand the media partner Presseurop.


Invited for the “Conversations about day-to-say Europe” are policy makers, civil society organisations, think tanks, foundations, the EU Platforms established under the European Agenda for Culture, networks, and individuals concerned with cultural matters in the European integration process.


“We are glad to launch this conversation with such a distinguished panel and invited guests,” as Frans de Ruiter, President of the European House for Culture, underlines. The European House for Culture brings together cultural networks as partners and people from the cultural world as members, to maximally endorse the conviction that ‘Europe is mainly a cultural project’. It also activates cooperation with and between the partners, members and many others in a programme with various work areas. Here, attention is mainly devoted to research, international activity and direct contact with the public.


Morals, identity and citizenship

A first public debate in the frame of the Conversations about day-to-day Europe

Date: 10 December 2010

Time: 20:15

Place: Studio 1 Flagey, entrance by the Heilig Kruisplein – Place St Croix, 1050



The Conversation will be preceded by the presentation of ACCESS! European Agenda for Youth and Music by the European Music Council at 19:00 - Read more about it             here



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Invitation letter by our President


Towards a cultural component of citizenship by Kathrin Deventer and Steve Austen Access to Culture Platform Audience Participation Working Group

Moraal, burgerschap, identiteit en de rol van cultuur in het Europese eenwordingsproces by Steve Austen

ACCESS! European Agenda for Youth and Music by the European Music Council


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