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ASfE | Save the Date for the Berlin Conference 10 November 2012


European House for Culture prepares Conference in Brussels on 16 - 18 November 2012. This conference is part of a series of three events dedicated to a Europe from bottom-up under the title of “Cultural Coalition for a Citizens’ Europe”. Together with the Berlin Conference 2012 on the 10 November and the event in Amsterdam  on the 29 November it forms the kick-off of the "European Year of Citizens” 2013. 


The first event is the Berlin Conference- Save the Date!


In the face of a financial crisis on a scale not yet imaginable, the overarching concern of the Berlin Conference 2012  is the necessity to strengthen partnership participation of European civil society in the European development. As also brought forth by the financial sector and various governments, Europe must build its existence on its cultural values. This can be achieved by motivating citizens to become actively involved – in a “Cultural Coalition for a Citizens’ Europe”. 

The aim of all efforts must be to promote the sustainability of the European unification process. The challenges that lie ahead of us – Democracies at risk in parts of Europe, nationalistic tendencies, alarming consequences as a result of climate change, which are particularly seen and understood as cultural phenomena – can only be tackled with broadly defined and joint responsibility. An important step in this process is mutually achieved through developing a common language, a shared set of values and a shared agenda between politics, economy and civil society.

“A Soul for Europe” invites all citizens – and more specific: actors from civil society, business, politics and European cities – to an attempt to produce insights, commitment and action and to present “best practices” of civic engagement that are already effective. This applies to the long-time “bottom-up”-work of “A Soul for Europe” as well as many other examples.

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