ACP | Plenary | 5 June 2012

Friday 29 June 2012




ACP Plenary | 5 June 2012 | Madou Tower, Brussels

The access to culture platform (ACP) held its 1st 2012 plenary meeting on the 5th June 2012.

It was very important that so many members made their time available to be present in this plenary, not only for it fulfilled the purpose of a shared and lively discussion but more so this showed that the ACP is important to its members.



The present plenary was also the occasion to welcome new members Arterial Network, freeDimensional, LANet, and On the Move.

Since last plenary many things have moved in the platform and it’s very positive to see the immense engagement of the members through the work of the working groups, the constructive thinking and drafting of the advisory group and the communication task force, the internal communication and the constructive input of all involved and the high participation in the debates and discussions during the plenary.




We had the opportunity of having the presence of Mr. Vladimir Sucha, whom we thank the constant availability for open dialogue and likewise thank, as representative of the EC, the hosting of this plenary meeting.



The ACP has been also been following up the relations with the EC, opening relations with the OMC in a very dynamic contribution from all members and reinforced the relations with other platforms. Furthermore the platform has been active in participating in the activities of the members which is not only important for members to convey to their members the relevance of being part of the platform but also to make the work of the platform visible and strengthen the links with our colleagues.




A new mission statement conveying the ACP way forward its coherence was agreed upon and the final wording will be finalized shortly and uploaded in the ACP site.




Reported by Eva Nunes